Membership fees are $30.00  per year, with the end of financial year at the end of June.

2020 Meetings:

DSMC meetings are run every fortnight on a Friday evening with a general meeting fee of $5.00 to help cover venue costs and light snacks and refreshments. The following meeting dates apply for 2020:

  • Friday 3rd January
  • Friday 17th January
  • Friday 31st January
  • Friday 14th February
  • Friday 28th February
  • Friday 13th March
  • Friday 27th March
  • Friday 10th April
  • Friday 24th April
  • Friday 8th May
  • Friday 22nd May
  • Friday 5th June
  • Friday 19th June
  • Friday 3rd July
  • Friday 17th July
  • Friday 31st July
  • Friday 14th August
  • Friday 28th August
  • Friday 11th September
  • Friday 25th September
  • Friday 9th October
  • Friday 23rd October
  • Friday 6th November
  • Friday 20th November
  • Friday 4th December
  • Friday 18th December

All meetings are held in the office area located at

Standout Mats

25 Carl Court

Hallam, Victoria