On the Bench 9

A little quiet on the building side at our last meeting but here are two nice examples of completed models.


Online Video as a Resource

There are many modelling related videos all over the internet that supplement our research and enhance our knowledge in given areas. Most video creators these days are not only experienced modellers, but they are also very tech savy in producing high quality presentations.


Its fair to say that there are a bunch of average modelling videos out there, and average I say for various reasons like poor lighting, monotone voice over’s or just badly made. At the other end of the scale you have production efforts like those produced by Vallejo and AK for example, that not only sell a product but keep you watching due to well produced content.

I have never made a video of my techniques or done a video review of any kind but I know what keeps me hooked and what I like to watch. Pure and simple it’s the high resolution videos that do it for me with plenty of close ups, quality lighting and clear narration that is easy to listen to and to learn from. Subject matter is also very important otherwise why would you bother watching it in the first place. I tend to cherry pick my viewing content based on what I might be working on at that time. For me, videos in the form of tutorials add greatly to my personal tool box of tricks that I can unleash on my build. This is followed closely by online kit reviews which can help reveal any potential issues or surprises that may be lurking inside that box.

Most of us on many occasions end up on YouTube looking for a video of which there are millions, and end up with a small collection of those that are inspirational and which you might share with others over Social Media. Others will just initiate a search using a web browser keying in the search items that best fits what it being searched for. On the odd occasion you may end up on a website that turns out to be a hidden gem, and it is these type of sites that quickly become a bookmark for your next visit and is also an instant share for other modelers.

One site that comes to mind is ‘Plastic Models World’, and the more I think about this site it has come up pretty often in my video search and has some damn good videos.


A rough count came up with well over 280 videos covering: Product Reviews, Build Tutorials, Articles and SBS (Step by Step). There are so many good videos and only touching the surface, but the ones I have viewed have been very good and extremely worthy of a thumbs up. The origin of many of these videos is wide and varied but the site does make an excellent first stop just to see what’s there.

To me part of the fun of modelling is the research and gathering of information to make your modelling experience as enjoyable as possible. Books are an obvious choice but your build really comes to life by hearing others talk about your project or by demonstrating aspects of what’s to come – this is where a good video comes into its own and the real experience begins.

Model Nerds Garage Sale

Just a heads up that our friends at ModelNerds Model Kits will be having another Garage Sale featuring a huge collections of kits and other goodies – see details below:


25 Lakewood Drive, Knoxfield, Melbourne

Date / Time:

Saturday 13th from 9:00am

Sunday 14th from 10:0am

Talking from experience these guys always have something pretty cool or hard to find in their inventory, so I can highly recommend going along.

I believe in supporting our local traders and can vouch how hard and time consuming it can be to put something like this together, and at the end of the day it benefits our hobby.

For those who get right into Valentines Day then here’s an opportunity to pick up a special kit so you can build it with your loved one………………..Im sure she would love that!


On the Bench 8

A mix of kits from two of our members Hamish and Tracey from our meeting on 5th February.