Metro Hobbies – Box Hill

Metro Hobbies in Box Hill have moved to thier new addres at:

444 Station St, Box Hill VIC 3128
Phone:(03) 9890 1144

I dropped in on Saturday to find a store with greater floor space and what looked like and increased level of stock. It is now so much easier to browse the kit selection due to wider aisles and cleaner shelf layout. All the supplies are still in a central spot and also with much more room to move. The shop itself is much brighter and includes several upright display cases as well as the RC  and general hobby section.

My only issue with the new store is the parking, which is accessible from Station Street with peak hour prooving dangerous when reversing out – so be carefull or park down a side street.

I have been a visitor to this store for many years now and have enjoyed watching their business grow, which includes the acquisition of the city store in Swanston Street. They have a great range of all just about everything for our great hobby, so if you havent been there please try to do so.

Wings & Tracks 2016


Well its all over for another year and Wings & Tracks 2016 was another successful event. Table numbers exceeded expectations with a record number of high quality  builds. The standard of the completed builds caught my attention this year and with two entries of my own I knew it would be tough. There were four DSMC members including myself with entries and were as follows:

Matt Walker – 1/35 Whippet and 1/35 Matilda

Ian Keizers – 1/35 Sdf.Kz 250 diorama (3rd) and 1/48 P40 (Golden Wing build)

Tracey Hamlett – 1/35 Stug diorama (3rd)

Michael Tabone – 1/48 Marder III (1st) and 1/35 Sd.Kfz 251/2 (2nd)


Click here to view the gallery

On the Bench 11

Some new completed builds from our last meeting:


Wings & Tracks 2016

W&T is on again this weekend and I am sure it will be just a s good as previous years. The theme builds will be :

Golden Wing: Curtis P-40

Golden Sprocket: 4 Wheeled Armoured Cars


20th March


Ashburton Support Services Hall

296 High Street


W&T 2016 Flyer2

Meeting Reminder – 18th Mar

This Friday is meeting night and will feature a club raffle as we ran out of time at the last meeting. Some of us attended the Tyabb airshow so should make for some interesting discussions.

As usual I would love to see your inprogress and completed projects and any new items you may have purchased or wish to show.

See you all on Friday.

2016 Tyabb Air Show

The Tyabb Air Show will be on again this Sunday on the 13th March so if you can, make sure you go as there will be some amazing aircraft in the air and on display.

Click on the image link below for more details


Swap & Sell Madness

Yes, I did attend the E.S.S.M.C Swap & Sell on the weekend, and as per usual I was running a bit late and joined the line; only to realize I was around #10 from the front of the queue. I felt lucky at this point because I was somewhat closer to a pile of 1/48 armour sitting by the front door – mmmm. Ok, the line is moving now so pulled out my $3.00 of gold coin and handed it over to the door man and in I went. Bang, a wall of kits and more kits plus a few extra hard to find kits and in the corner some not so hard to find kits. I cant help but feel a little overwhelmed at these events, but I was on a mission firstly to find what I need or maybe just want because I love giving a new home to unwanted plastic, and secondly I was looking for some top up kits for our club raffles.

The room of plastic was not a bad size with room to move which is unusal at times, but I started to focus on the kits. I have this thing about trying to locate the holy grail of Tiger tanks which for me is the Dragon Tiger I (Kit 6253) – an absolutley stunning kit with huge parts count and lots of lovely extras that makes you cry with joy. Anyway I did two laps before I gave up on the Tiger hunt and then it was back to my mission.

Model Nerds was there who carry a great range of all sorts but I couldnt decide what I wanted or really needed, so I moved on to look around for the raffle kits such as aircarft and AFV’s. I thought I would go for quality and something that looks cool and might appeal to the masses, so came up with the following:

All very nice kits produced by a long standing manufacturer and of intersesting subjects, so I am sure the winners of this kits will be very happy indeed!

Its was time to turn my attention back to what the hell I was going to spend my cash on, as I was slowly going insane with so many choices. I have not had any serious model time for a few months now,  but I have a growing passion for some of the more modern subjects and mostly of Russian design. So it was a short walk back to Model Nerds and there it was a Trumpeter 1/35 UAE BMP-3. What a striking kit this is and with great box art which is what really caught my attention.

After all the hype and stress (mostly self inflicted) I thought I had better get out of there and head on home to surprise the wife with the new eddition to the family, plus  a few friends for the club – another day of model madnes out of the way until Expo in June!


Here is my new BMP-3 ready for all the fun times ahead.


A collection of kits picked up by one of our members Hamish.


On the Bench 10

Our latest member update of completed and in progress builds.


Wings & Tracks 2016

This event is fast approaching so its time to get into top gear to finish off any projects that are close to or not so close to completion. Traditionally, W&T has been a precursor to Model Expo and attracts a wide range of models at very high standards.

As well as the competition tables there will be a number of traders selling related products, so write out your shopping list and get in early.

This year there will be special awards for the ‘Golden Wing’ and Golden Sprocket’, which will be awarded to the best Curtiss P-40 and 4 x Wheeled Armoured Cars respectively.

Click on the image link below for more details.

When and Where:

20th March, 2016

Ashburton Support Centre

296 High St, Ashburton

W&T 2016 Flyer2