Swap & Sell Madness

Yes, I did attend the E.S.S.M.C Swap & Sell on the weekend, and as per usual I was running a bit late and joined the line; only to realize I was around #10 from the front of the queue. I felt lucky at this point because I was somewhat closer to a pile of 1/48 armour sitting by the front door – mmmm. Ok, the line is moving now so pulled out my $3.00 of gold coin and handed it over to the door man and in I went. Bang, a wall of kits and more kits plus a few extra hard to find kits and in the corner some not so hard to find kits. I cant help but feel a little overwhelmed at these events, but I was on a mission firstly to find what I need or maybe just want because I love giving a new home to unwanted plastic, and secondly I was looking for some top up kits for our club raffles.

The room of plastic was not a bad size with room to move which is unusal at times, but I started to focus on the kits. I have this thing about trying to locate the holy grail of Tiger tanks which for me is the Dragon Tiger I (Kit 6253) – an absolutley stunning kit with huge parts count and lots of lovely extras that makes you cry with joy. Anyway I did two laps before I gave up on the Tiger hunt and then it was back to my mission.

Model Nerds was there who carry a great range of all sorts but I couldnt decide what I wanted or really needed, so I moved on to look around for the raffle kits such as aircarft and AFV’s. I thought I would go for quality and something that looks cool and might appeal to the masses, so came up with the following:

All very nice kits produced by a long standing manufacturer and of intersesting subjects, so I am sure the winners of this kits will be very happy indeed!

Its was time to turn my attention back to what the hell I was going to spend my cash on, as I was slowly going insane with so many choices. I have not had any serious model time for a few months now,  but I have a growing passion for some of the more modern subjects and mostly of Russian design. So it was a short walk back to Model Nerds and there it was a Trumpeter 1/35 UAE BMP-3. What a striking kit this is and with great box art which is what really caught my attention.

After all the hype and stress (mostly self inflicted) I thought I had better get out of there and head on home to surprise the wife with the new eddition to the family, plus  a few friends for the club – another day of model madnes out of the way until Expo in June!


Here is my new BMP-3 ready for all the fun times ahead.


A collection of kits picked up by one of our members Hamish.