Metro Hobbies – Box Hill

Metro Hobbies in Box Hill have moved to thier new addres at:

444 Station St, Box Hill VIC 3128
Phone:(03) 9890 1144

I dropped in on Saturday to find a store with greater floor space and what looked like and increased level of stock. It is now so much easier to browse the kit selection due to wider aisles and cleaner shelf layout. All the supplies are still in a central spot and also with much more room to move. The shop itself is much brighter and includes several upright display cases as well as the RC  and general hobby section.

My only issue with the new store is the parking, which is accessible from Station Street with peak hour prooving dangerous when reversing out – so be carefull or park down a side street.

I have been a visitor to this store for many years now and have enjoyed watching their business grow, which includes the acquisition of the city store in Swanston Street. They have a great range of all just about everything for our great hobby, so if you havent been there please try to do so.