Sprue Finders Garage Sale



On the Bench 14

Our meeting went well with Tracey completing his discussion on creating ground cover for diorama’s and as well as a number of completed member builds.

Meeting Reminder – 29th Apr

Our next meeting in on Friday so bring along anything new, and don’t forget that Tracey will be doing a demo on how to create ground work for diorama’s or general display.

See you all there.


ANZAC Day 25th April




On the Bench 13

Our latest member builds and in progress builds on display at our meeting last night.


Meeting Reminder – 15th Apr

We are on again this Friday 15th with our usual fun and excitement.

I have completed reading Adam’s Armour Vol 2 and is one of those great reads that will definitely help me along with my finishing techniques. Volume 1 hit the front door while I was going through Vol 2 and I have started working through its lovely pages.

Anyway see you all there with anything new and/or your latest builds or whats in progress.

adam1 adam2


On the Bench 12

Our latest member builds update and the numbers are increasing!


Meeting Reminder – 1st April

Dont forget that tonight is meeting night so see you all there with any goodies you wish to bring along.