Display Cabinet

I have been looking for at least 12 months for a display cabinet and even contemplated building my own. There are several places where you can look such as eBay, Ikea or perhaps specialized furniture retailers. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty fussy when it comes to what I put in my house, and even more so when it comes to what I want to display my models in. For years I have had to make do with an Ikea cube book case, which is fine  but its a dust magnet and all my models are at risk to damage and share a common space with my book collection. Not ideal and it  has served me well but the time has come to move on and come up with a solution.

I have most of the tools to build a half decent cabinet and the price of timber is not too bad, but its the glass that will set me back. While I haven’t actually built any form of cabinet before, I was willing to give it a go but not at the risk of it looking like a 9 year old’s school project!. So after much searching I finally found a display cabinet that looks great and at the right price. Before I talk more about this unit lets just say that Ikea do offer display cabinets but none like this baby, although the prices are a bit cheaper they dont give you the features of what you see below.

Ok, I hit ebay again and after a few minutes found the holly grail of cabinets and even better, the price was perfect ($660) plus delivery. This one is being offered by a company called Living Elements who import furniture mostly from China and happens to be not far from where I live. It’s made from Pine and all glass panels are beveled with adjustable glass shelves and side access, giving you no obstruction when viewing from the front, and also a mirror back.

Dimensions are: H – 2040mm, W – 970mm, D – 380mm