Meeting Reminder – 2nd Sept

Meeting reminder for this Friday in Hallam so look forward to seeing you all there.

The weekend before last was the IPMS Swap & Sell which is always a must if your looking for something cheap or hard to find.

Well I did get there a bit early and joined the line and hoped it wouldn’t rain but all was well and got in to mingle with  the crowd. There were plenty of kits including some great armour, which for the first time I wasn’t really looking for, not even in my scale of choice 1/48. I had  a bag for all my goodies but found myself doing three laps before I picked up my first item a 1/48 Italeri Mirage III E for only $15.00. That ended up being my only buy before walking out and thinking – ‘was that it, only one kit!’

Here’s the thing I recently had a clean out of my stash and got rid of a bunch of model mags that I will never read. I even had some kits at this Swap & Sell to make room for other kits that I might actually build. Also my tastes are changing and these days I am building aircraft rather than armour. I also figure (pardon the pun) that I will sell kits knowing I will still get a good price so I can buy more current kits and keep my stash reasonably fresh.

Anyway, it was a fun day and an opportunity to see old faces, old kits and to see other old blokes like me looking for something, even that one kit that makes it all worth while.