Meeting Reminder – 30th Sept

Dont forget that our next meeting is on this Friday and will be a time to reflect on our win at the WSMC Team Challenge last weekend. Also bring along any new kits or builds on the go, and hope to see you all there.


WSMC Interclub 2016 Win


Last weekend on 25th September, 2016 was the WSMC Team Challenge which saw 4 clubs participate in what has become a must attend event for as long as I can remember. The event involves the participating clubs providing kits covering several subjects and categories. Each subject type requires representation of two completed builds which are provided by the members which become the static entries.

Armour – Michael Tabone (M20 Armoured Car), Matt Walker – (D9 Bull Dozer)
Aircraft – Les Ennis (Aircobra), Julian Hosmer (IL2)
Civil – Hamish Stephen (Yamaha GP Motor Bike, F1 Race Car)
Miscellaneous – Chris Howell (Crusader Figure), Seth (Ironman)

On top of this the clubs are required to complete two theme subjects, which change every year and were as follows for DSMC:

Tamiya 1/35 Japanese Type 1 75mm Self Propelled Gun – Tom Scott
HobbyBoss 1/72 F-14B Tomcat – Peter Mellor

All together points are acquired via eye ball judging with the points tallied up towards the end to denote the winning club.

The main draw card for the event is the Mystery Build, which is a surprise kit that club members must build as Out Of Box within  3-4 hour time period. The kit of the day was the 1/72 F9F Panther, and for the DSMC boys it proved to be a real challenge to get it done with the time frame. Between the members we had pretty much all we needed to get the job done, with Peter coming to the rescue with Tamiya rattle cans for the the top coat color and some outside spraying with Matt’s assistance. Our main builders were Michael, Robert, Julian and Chris. Peter assisted with masking and painting and Tom and John were there to look pretty and for team support.

We were literally pushed to the last remaining seconds and came up with a kit that looked very clean and presented well with a great finish. The kits had a few missing parts that didn’t make it, as well as a bunch of missing decals that didn’t make the time frame.

The kits entries were judged with the points tallied up and added to the Mystery Build score, and despite the build issues were were lucky enough to come out with a win, and the days effort was to come to happy ending.

This marks two successive wins for DSMC at this event, so I would like to thank all this who attended and participated and also to the organisers who made this event possible.

On the Bench 19

Another collection of member builds – old, new and in progress.

Meeting Reminder – 16th Sept

We have our meeting again this Friday and will include a demonstration on how to create realistic tarps and also how to create WW2 German zimmerit.

Dont forget to bring along all your new products and or kits you have been working on or completed.

See you all there!

On the Bench 18

An update from our last meeting.