Web Site Milestone

It’s nice to see that the DSMC web site has attracted 1000 Aussie based visitors and a fast approaching 4000 page views. We are also seeing visits from overseas which is great and goes to show that the modelling community is far and wide. For a small club that’s great news and a sign that our name is out there and people are interested in what we are up to.

Having a web presence makes a big difference and is a great way to promote club activities and showcase the latest club news, member builds and demonstrations.


For any new or returning visitors we thank you for passing by and seeing who we are, and look forward to a fun an exciting 2017!


End of the Year Meeting

All over for another year and one that saw some high lights including a win for our club display at this years Model Expo, a win at the WSMC team challenge and a club move to our new venue in Hallam.

This meeting saw a healthy collection of pizza’s, beer and general snacks and was a perfect way to enjoy our last meeting. OH! – and good conversations……….

With such a great year for DSMC it all came with the usual highs and lows which we can put to a learning experience and a demonstration that the club and its members comes first. Club politics are a part of every club and sometimes can be a test of spirit and compromise, and put simply at the end of the day we are a bunch of people who build model kits – and love it by the way!

I would like to wish every one a happy and merry xmas and look forward to seeing what Santa brings – hopefully lots of kits and related goodies!

Here are some pics taken at our last meeting on Friday 9th Dec.