Meeting Reminder – 1st September

Meeting reminder for our next meeting. Bring along your current builds and show and tell. Also we will be holding a club raffle with a great selection of prizes.

See you all there!


Meeting Reminder – 18th August

Meeting reminder for this coming Friday so hope to see you all there. Dont forget to bring along any builds in progress and general show and tell goodies!

On the Bench 28

Our last meeting saw something a little different in the form of a Podcast. Members David Goldfinch and Ian Keizers have started a high tech podcast show called ‘On the Bench’ and can be found on iTunes, and with further information on their Facebook page.


David is the shows host while Ian is the co host, and together they have created a professional show that covers all aspects of modelling. These include interviews with local and distant modellers, product reviews and discussions, segments such as ‘Whats on the Bench’ and many other interesting side discussions and useful information.

I look forward to see how this develops, as I think they have hit the mark with content which will no doubt appeal to the modelling community. To date two podcasts have been produced with many more to follow.