Club Displays

Every year DSMC takes part in the Melbourne Model Expo club display, which is an opportunity for clubs to promote themselves while at the same time modelling to a theme. The event takes place in June over the Queens Birthday long weekend and 2015 saw our club put together a Dive Dive Dive display. This theme was based on submarines and anti submarine warfare and not only included a wide range of display kits, but also a specially designed and built display table and back board.

As a club we vote on the theme to be presented a year ahead so as to give plenty of time to build the kits, and to give thought to the overall presentation and design of the display table and back board. A sub committee is formed who’s primary task is to ensure that all builds are nominated and on target for presentation, and to manage the table layout, delivery and setup.

Member’s Chris Dowsett and Les Ennis provided thier artistic flair and technology in the back board design including artwork sourcing, placement and printing. Ian Keizers our Vice President coordinated all activities to ensure our tight deadlines were met and other sub committee members assisted on the day in the final setup.

The display you see here was our best so far and drew much attention from the public and event organisers alike. All the kits were built to the higest standard and was a much enjoyed project by all contributing members.

Model Expo 2016

Moving along to Melbourne Model Expo 2016 our theme will be ‘Russian’ with the final details still to be fine tuned and clarified. As is usual with the planning stage the members will start thinking about the following:

  • building a new sub-committee or keeping the current one
  • assigning tasks and establishing timelines
  • defining our theme – ‘Russian’ and what this includes
  • agreeing on an era, ie. 1950’s, modern, WW2 to display
  • all kits to be labelled
  • label name plate to include – brand, scale, kit name, brief descritpion of the represented build
  • table layout including table coverings and kit placement
  • table back board design – looking for a wow factor

The more you sit down and start thinking about all the requirements to make such a display happen, the more you realize just how much work there is to do. Fortunately for DSMC we are never short of great ideas and hands to get things done.